Why “Happy” Thanksgiving?

In November we say “Happy Thanksgiving!”

We say it to loved ones, to friends, people at church and in the workplace. We say “Happy Thanksgiving” to total and complete “never seen you before” strangers on the street, in the store, waiting in the post office line and to our barista who very well may beat us to it.

Happy Thanksgiving is a common safe and easy way to end a conversation, spoken, written or otherwise.

But WHY do we say it?

Is it because we are all so happy?

Is it because we are all so thankful?

There may be as varied an answer to that question as there are turkeys running for cover right now, but I have come up with my thought as to why we say “Happy Thanksgiving.”

Let’s Break this, sometimes said in rote, word down, shall we?

Happy = Contentment

Thanks = Gratitude/Appreciation

Giving = Presenting something expecting nothing in return.

Looking at each of those words I see nothing that denotes selfishness. I see a rest in where we are

(not dependent upon circumstances);

I see a heart that recognizes life as a gift

(also not dependent on circumstances)

and I see an abandonment of what I have so that you can have it and no need to repay me.


Happy Thanksgiving is the opposite of selfish grumpiness/complaining.

Happy Thanksgiving is contentment, appreciative and otherminded.

How can we possibly get that one wrong??? When we live it, when we send it as a greeting and when we receive those words in November, our spirits and our hearts should be lighter and we breathe a breath of relief if even for a moment. And we need to share that same sentiment to others all year round.

As tough and unpredictable as life is right now where you are standing, sitting, laying down, jogging,  or just taking a breather;  guaranteed we all have MORE to be THANKFUL for than we have to complain about.

Your Attitude – Your Choice.

Choose Gratitude – Rejoice!