We are proud to have partnered with the following individuals and or organizations to help change within them and their people:

"As the owner of multiple real estate offices, I have had business coaches guiding me for 20 years. Most of these coaches positively impacted me as a business person, but only one has impacted me as a business person and a human being. That person is Bonnie Mock. Bonnie has an amazing ability to see things that others cannot and to provide insights that are oblivious to most. And underlying this unique ability is a depth of integrity and compassion that is hard to find in the world today." (Tom Wood -www.ATomWoodTeam.com)

"I have had the privilege of meeting with Bonnie Mock for personal as well as business issues on several occasions. She is very dedicated to listening to details, accessing and helps me filter thru the situations. Bonnie is a strong business woman with great values. She is open, kind, respectful, and at the same time, Bonnie is firm as well." (Lisa - Home Manager & Coordinator (602) 739-2410)

"I have known Bonnie for 15 years as I am the Pastor of the church she attends. She demonstrates compassion, strength, and wisdom in all that she does. She has become a valued friend and confidant for many reasons. She is a source of encouragement and support as well as an excellent listener and she brings great Spiritual depth to any conversation or difficult issue that I encounter. I am blessed to have her in my life! (Pastor Rich Stoffan)