Why is that such an attractive word?

What we have now used to be New… we desired it. Looked for it. Focused on getting it. Got it.

Once again, we want New?

New Season, New Year, New Job, New Purpose, New Relationship, New Ways of Thinking, New Focus, New Foods, New Gym, New Style… New.


What will your heart and mind think about all this “New” on December 31, 2019.

Why when we are looking for New do we want to still spend time with friends from “The good ole’ days?”

Why do we find comfort in remembering how special the memories of years gone by?

I can’t help but wonder that we must be insatiable beings… never quite content with the present.

Living in the Moment is a gift for Now. It is a priceless gift we have for this series of breaths we are breathing. The abundant gift for our eyes to see, our ears to hear and our hearts to sore and rejoice over… Now.

This New Year, I pray that I will live in the Now.

Outside of Knowing the God of Truth, Living in the Now is the most precious gift that we are given.

Now is the Best New Ever!  

What New gift of life can we give to those we are honored to be in proximity with… Now?