Individual Coaching

Your eyes and your ears may be holding back your feet.

Coaching with a trained professional can help you discover a perspective of your situation that will assist you in having greater understanding of yourself.  With that understanding you gain greater clarity to move forward in pursuing your goals.

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Business & Team Coaching

Leaders you are being followed! Your leadership determines the pace and momentum to get you and your team to the place your vision is driving you.

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Seminars & Workshops

Bonnie brings to you experience, wisdom, knowledge and intentional opportunities for your personal and business growth.

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Since 1993

Our Passion

Coaching is an amazing process for those who want to see change in themselves, their business, and those around them. With the appropriate attention to detail, coaching is about meeting the specific need(s) for the individual. This is important because we are equipped and passionate about you sitting in front of us and discovering the new life that you deserve!

We are about making sure you receive the tools, guidance, and mentorship to meet your personal and business goals. It's all about getting to the center of who you are, who you want to be, and to be the leader you were created to be!

The Crowning believes that what produces effective successful Leadership is recognizing where one’s core identity lies; and upon recognition, liberation to move forward is possible.

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Next Steps...

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