Individual coaching is about YOU!

With an open heart and listening ears, we engage in active conversation with you.

We believe there is great possibility for you to achieve all that you desire.

The Crowning works to coach you beyond what you may see as obstacles blocking your goals. 

Utilizing specific strategies and skills, we come alongside to assist you in realizing the core of who you are, and move you forward on to the life you envision.


Through a one-to-one conversation, we assists clients with:

  • Discovering your purpose, meaning and a sense of fulfillment
  • Help develop a plan for you to meet these goals and objectives
  • Assist through various situations and/or transitions¬†
  • Work through to remove self-limiting behaviors that slow or halt the opportunities for success, attitude, and confidence
  • Maximize potential in your personal and/or professional life
  • Show accountability and responsibility for follow-through toward your desired life plan
  • Celebrate your accomplishments

We get to the core of who you are!